Question: Mean - Real Measurements unsorted

Hi Guys,


got my last Problem solved :) Now i do have a new one...

restart; with(RealDomain); with(CodeGeneration); with(ExcelTools); with(plots);

n := 1; 
for i to 256 do 
for j to 256 do 
r := evalf(sqrt((i-dx1)^2+(j-dy1)^2)); 
Ints := R0[i, j]; 
IntsR[n] := [r, Ints]; 
n := n+1 
end do; 
end do; 
IntsR := [seq(IntsR[i], i = 1 .. n-1)]

The list IntsR consists of unsorted values doublets. Now it would be nice to get some sort of mean value of my Ints over r.  Didnt really find a solution for it until now... do you have any hint?

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