Question: How can the edge of a 3D surface be highlighted?

The following are the equation and plot3d of the minimal surface named Catalan:

Catalan := [alpha-sin(alpha)*cosh(beta), 1-cos(alpha)*cosh(beta), 4*sin((1/2)*alpha)*sinh((1/2)*beta)]
plot3d(Catalan, alpha = 0 .. 2*Pi, beta = -3 .. 3, scaling = constrained, title = "Catalan's surface", titlefont = [Courier, bold, 14])

I would like to color and thicken the edge of this surface to emphasize what I presume is the wire which frames the soap film which forms the surface.

Contourplot3d only shows contours at constant values of the z coordinate, however the plot3d display with style option "surface with line" clearly shows the surface's edge contour, among others.

Given the surface equation, is there any way to display the surface edge programmatically e.g. as a spacecurve? 

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