Question: Getting more than one result from solve

Greetings Sirs,

I have recently aquired Maple for some mathematics, and being a new user, I basically google for everything at the moment.

While it has gone well so far, I seem to have hit a bump that I cannot figure out.

I have a function: f(x)=3.2+0.4sin(1.25x), 0<x<5

Trying to find the places where "f(x)=3.5" would normally be done with the equation "3.5=3.2+0.4sin(1.25x)", and when I solve for the equation in Maple I get a solution too.

Problem is though, I know there is supposed to be multiple solutions. Having used wolframalpha, and being capable of seeing the plot in Maple, I know there is two points within the period "x=0..5" that is the solution.

But when I try to solve the equation, I get only one solution per solve, and the second solve doesn't make much sense for me. These are what I use:

As you can see, in the first solve the entire function is being taking into consideration, yet I only get one solution... In the second solve I have tried specifying a period, but I still only get one solution.

Basically any help here is appreciated, because from what I understand, having read google, the solve command or fsolve command is supposed to give multiple results if they are there.

With appreciation,

(Edit: Image size changed)

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