Question: Is zip builtin or isn't it?

In the unrelated discussion
I asked Carl Love if he had an estimate of the number of builtin procedures in Maple.
Carl answered with the code you will find in the link.
His code came up with 316 and 320 in Maple 2016.2 and 2017.2, respectively.
He mentioned that the last one alphabetically was zip.
I happened to look up the help page for type/builtin and found the statement:

"It may be used with anames to list all builtin procedures. For example anames(builtin)."

So I tried:

nops(AB); # 234 in Maple 2017.2
member(zip,AB); #false
op(3,eval(zip)); # builtin = 589 in Maple 2017.2
showstat(zip); # Works despite being builtin.

In Maple 2016.2 the corresponding numbers were 232 and 585.
So I'm left somewhat confused.
Apparently some procedures are less builtin than others? Does this just mean that the most difficult zipping is builtin, while simple stuff like the following is done by line 16 in the available code for zip?

zip(`=`,[a,b,c], [1,2,3]);


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