Question: Conditions for inequalities and Visualizing equations

Hello everyone!


Total beginner here. So far I am just using the right click options in Maple,  and worked wonderfully until now.


Two questions for some charitable sould out there:

1) I have a system of inequalities that I need to solve. I am interested in the *conditions between the variables under which a given inequality is satisfied*.

Using the "solve" command I only get a few of these. Do you know any script that can obtain more solutions? 


2) I have some (long) equations and want to be able to visualize them in different ways to make sense of it. So far I have only been using "simplify" and "combine", but it keeps on returning the same result even if I can see there are other possible ways of factoring the equation. How can I tell Maple to give me "different optiosn" as to visualize the equation?


Thank you all!!







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