Question: Variables in FunctionAdvisor output

deq := FunctionAdvisor(DE, hypergeom([a, b], [c], z))[2, 1];
          diff(f(z), z, z) = ((-a-b-1)*z+c)*(diff(f(z), z))/(z*(z-1))-f(z)*a*b/(z*(z-1))

dsolve(deq, f(z));
Error, (in dsolve) Not an ODE w.r.t. f(z)

Apparently FunctionAdvisor is doing something special for the variable names in order to avoid collisions with user variables, but if I want to use the output programmatically, without copying and pasting it, is there a better way than something like this:

dsolve(subs(op(0, indets(deq)[-1]) = f, deq), f(z));
          f(z) = _C1*hypergeom([a, b], [c], z)+_C2*z^(1-c)*hypergeom([b-c+1, a-c+1], [2-c], z)


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