Question: Problem in execute .mpl file

Hi All;

I have a maple code made a text file which is readable by another software. My code works as a worksheet but when I run it as a .mpl file does not work well. The text file created in this situation has a limited in the word typing (split a long line into two line by "\" ) . So the text file is not readable by next software (shows a syntax error).


f6 = -2*u*(-u^2+ux-1)-2*ux*(-2*u*ux+uxx)-2*uy*(-2*u*uy+uxy)-uy+10001/10000*u+.438112544881510e-4



f6 = -2*u*(-u^2+ux-1)-2*ux*(-2*u*ux+uxx)-2*uy*(-2*u*uy+uxy)-uy+10001/10000*u+.\

I would appreciate for your help.


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