Question: How to receive numerical data from a Partial Differential Equation solved numerically?

Dear Maple users

I have been investigating the one-dimensional Wave Equation for the vibrating string with fixed endpoints. Before trying to use Maple for a solution, I surfed on Google and stumbled upon a solution given in a GeoGebra animation:

I succeded in making a similar animation in Maple. See the attached Maple file: The last line is out-commented in order for the file not to be too big (saving many frames...). Remove the # and recalculate, select the animation object and eventually resize it. Then hit the Play Button in the Toolbar. It should work very much like the animation above. 

Now my question: I assume the numerical solution is solved using the Finite Difference Scheme in the background? How do I receive the numerical data, which lies behind the animation? Is it possible to evaluate the solution at specific (x,t) points?

I am quite impressed that GeoGebra can solve this PDE, by the way!



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