Question: Controlling plot range in a parametric 3D plot


I would like to control the extents of my 3D parametric plot. Increasing the grid creates too many gridlines and I just get a black plot  (and I still don't get the extent in the y-coordinate that I want).

Any suggestions how I might be able to get this plot from -360 to 0 and -20 to 60 completely filled in? (see attached workbook).

Any suggestions on how to control the gridlines?

An idea of what I am trying to do...I want to plot argument(z/(1+z)) vs. argument(z)*180/pi vs. 20*log10(abs(z)) with contours of argument(z/(1+z)) and 20*log10(abs(z/(1+z))
This is a 3D plot of the output phase of a Nichol's Chart (with the output contours of the Nichol's chart).


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