Question: How do I define a weighted monomial order with ties broken by pure lexicographic order?

I'm trying to define a monomial order - Monomials are first compared by their weighted degree, with ties broken by pure lexiocraphic order (plex). I want the monomial order just to find the LeadingTerm of polynomials.

Maple has wdeg(W,V) as a built in monomial order, which compares monomials first by their weights, but breaks ties using reverse lexicographic order (tdeg).

One way I could plausibly do this is using the 'matrix' constructor, and defining the plex order by a succession of weights, but this seems like overkill, and I would have a n*n matrix, where I'd like n to reach over 1000.

Is anyone aware of a simple way of defining such a monomial order?

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