Question: How do I find systematically all zeros of the HeunC-function?

For every (fixed) given integer k = 0,1,2,..., consider the following real valued function of x:

     f(x,k) = exp(x)*HeunC(2*x, 1/2, -1/2, -x^2, k*(k+1) + 1/8, 99/100)

Let xnk denote the n-th positive zero of f(x,k), for n=1,2,3,... Then I am interested to find the asymptotic behaviour of xnk. My hope is that there is an asymptotically linear behaviour of the form

     xnk ~ a + b*n + c*k

with real constants a,b,c.

Note: The last argument "99/100" in the function above is thought to be an approximation for the limit to 1 from below. For instance, I would prefer a value 0.9999999...  


EDIT: The plot below is what I could reach with maple without to get instabilities (l=k)

This result was obtained with:

(Sorry, but I don't know how to insert the true Maple code)

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