Question: Map Two List elements

I have to Two Lists with Equal size. Each element in one List is an variable and Each element in second List is an Value of the variable corresponds to First List.

Now when Ever I call a variable I need the script to read its value and Compute.

For Example:

List1 := [v1,v2,v3,v4];
List2 := [a*b/c, a/c,a*b-2,d];

computation := v1*diff(expression,x)+v3*diff(expression,y)+ v3*v4;

but I need the script to read it as

requiredComputation :=(a*b/c)*diff(expression,x)+(a*b-2)*diff(expression,y)+ a*b-2*d;

I used to do this kind of computation in matlab using containers and map. Is there any thing similar??

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