Question: Using whattype for difference and division operator.

I am curious how one can fine the whattype of operation in expression when two variables are actually doing difference or division operation



is there any better method to find out actually for all five operations exactly.

1. a-b;  should tell the operation is difference(substraction(`-`))
2. a+b; should tell the operation is addition(`+`)
3. a*b;  should tell the operation is multiplication(`*`)
4. a/b;  should tell the operation is division(`/`)
5. a^b;  should tell the operation is power(`^`)

I understood that maple is reading a-b as a+(-b) and same a/b as a*(1/b). but, for programing it is very much comfortable to know exactly the operation. Especially when solving partial differentiation it is easy if I know exactly.

would be very grateful if I can get this thing solved. Any suggestions and coments are welcomed and thanks in advance

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