Question: Why does setting UseHardwareFloats not work in a package?

I have a package that uses fsolve, a Maple function known (to me) to often fail when UseHardwareFloats is set to true. Since I set UseHardwareFloats:=true in my .mapleinit (for I want hardware performance when using floats) I set UseHardwareFloats:=deduced; in the ModuleLoad routine of this package. ModuleLoad executes as evidenced by a print statement in the routine that does in fact print, and within ModuleLoad, UseHardwareFloats is set to deduced. But at the worksheet level, UseHardwareFloats remains set to true.
 The only way I can set it is to set it explicitly in the sheet that calls the package. I tried various things, like putting it into the body of the module, using :-UseHardwareFloats, and so on. Nothing seems to work. While not a fatal issue it is bothersome & has had me run around with code not working several times.

Any hint would be appreciated.

Mac Dude


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