Question: Could someone help me with grtensor?

I need a help from someone who knows the GRTensor commands.

How do I write the last two terms of this equation of motion?How do I define Lagrangian matter, too?

My master said that I will do these calculations in the classic worksheet  maple18.

KGmn= (1/2) Tmn + (C0/2) Rabgl Tag Tbl gmn+ 3 C0 Rbrs(mTn)b Tsr – C0 Lm Rab Tab gmn + C0 Rab Tab Tmn+ 2 C0  Lm Rmrns Trs + C0ar(T(mr Tn)s)- C0sr(Tsr Tmn)

Lm =-(1/4) Fmn Fmn 

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