Question: three sides of a not flattened triangle

E := proc (n::posint)
local L, x, y, z, p;
p := n; L := NULL;
assume(x::nonnegint, y::nonnegint, z::nonnegint);
assume(x <= y and y < =z);
for x from 1 to irem(p, 2) do
for y from x to irem(p, 2) do
for z from y to irem(p, 2) do
if x+y+z = p then L := L, [x, y, z] end if
end do
end do
end do;
return L end proc:
This procedure don't work. I would like E(9)={(1,4,4),(2,3,4),(3,3,3)} then E(2019), E(2022). Thank you.

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