Question: ColorTools not really precise on gamuts and Color Spaces used, or ?

Dear All

I wanted to use the ColorTools of Maple to study the conversions between color spaces and different color definitions, but I find the tool very limited and rather confusing.

My main issue is to understand really which "RGB" definition is used ?
I assume it's a "RGB" = sRGB from Adobe(r) that is then translate to CIE 1931 values XYZ, xyz, Lab and more recent Luv values, all based on D65 illumination ? This must be really better defined in the help !!!

This is really not clearly stated as today "RGB" means mostly Adobe 1998 RGB, the larger gamut color space from Adobe and not the older and more reduces sRGB.

Color Space and Color understanding is subtile and require really a clear differentiation about illumination, color mappings, input, and output devices, and more ...

This issue applies to the "HSV" and "CMYK" these are all HW associated devices, and at least the standard illumination considered here must be defined, from my undersanding (and within the CIE definitions there are at least half a dozen of illumination standards, the most common, for me, are the D50, & D65).

It would be great if the ColorTables allowed us to really study colors in a correct way and following more the appraoch of i.e. "Digital Color Management, ENCODING SOLUTIONS" by Edward J. Giorgianni and Thomas E. Madden, Wiley (2.Ed, 2008) or some of the other serious book on color management.


Thanks in advance for your replies




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