Question: lprint output (format)

If I copy the output of a lprint command e.g.

Matrix(2,2,{(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = 2, (2, 1) = 3, (2, 2) = 4},datatype = anything
,storage = rectangular,order = Fortran_order,shape = [])

and paste it in a new execution group, I obtain a "Line print output" instead of a Maple (1D) input,
so it cannot be executed.
(Of course, it's possible to paste in Notepad to remove the format, but it's annoying.)

This happens in Maple 2019,  Windows 64, Worksheet mode, 1D input;  but not all the time (sometimes it is as it used to be).
Do you see the same behavior?


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