Question: Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse: "'_Inert_DELAYLESSTHAN' is not a valid inert form"

Hi guys, 

I have tried to create a loop to solve a set of two equations, but can't seem to get it working. My initial equations are given by;


nstar := (F, L, sigma) -> ceil((ln(k*F) - ln(c(L, sigma)*B))/ln(Phi(L, sigma)))




i := (F, L, sigma) -> r*(1 - (G(L, sigma)*Phi(L, sigma))^nstar(F, L, sigma)*B/F)/(1 - G(L, sigma)^nstar(F, L, sigma))


in which both are based on further rather simple equations. To these I am trying to apply the proc function where I am trying to find which i makes borth the equations above work :


i := proc(F,L,sigma)  

local k :=0.01 ;  

local eps := 0.01 ;  

do while(eps>0.001)  

nstar:= (6)

i := (7)

eps:= i -k:


end do;


end proc;

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse : "'_Inert_DELAYLESSTHAN' is not a valid inert form"

But as you see I am here getting a error which I have not managed to fix. Can anyone see where I might have gone wrong? Could this be done by solve or fsolve? If yes, then how (have tried it as well without succeding)?

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