Question: solving in maple for to variables divided

Is it possible to solve an expression like in the picture below?:
I´ve tried to figure it out at but I could not find anything that worked...

I´ve also attached the equation as a file. 




solve(Y = G__B*D1*G__A*G__f/(G__A*G__B*G__M*G__c+G__A*G__B*G__R+1)+G__B*G__A*G__c*Y__sp/(G__A*G__B*G__M*G__c+G__A*G__B*G__R+1)+G__B*D1*G__d/(G__A*G__B*G__M*G__c+G__A*G__B*G__R+1), Y/D1)

Warning, solving for expressions other than names or functions is not recommended.





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