Question: Workbook Problems in 2019.2.1

I am using a maple workbook to develop, test, and install a package I am developing.  Several days ago, I noticed that the workbook was not updating the package to reflect the most recent versions of my source code (.mpl). I initially assumed the problem caused by some unintentional change I made to the file, but in the end I found there is a general problem with the URIs in the maple workbook. Everything worked in 2019.1 and I hadn't made any changes after I updated to 2019.2.1.

To confirm the problem, I created a new directory(in fully updated Windows 10 ) and copied my source file into the directory. Then I created a worksheet in maple and saved it into the directory as Using the Navigator panel I then saved the worksheet as a workbook creating xx.maple in the directory.  I then tried to attach the mpl file to the workbook.  In the Navigator menu, the item "attach a file" is unavailable( greyed out).  This is also the case in any of the other earlier workbooks I have created.  I have confirmed the problem is not affecting worksheets because I was able to read my mpl file into a worksheet and load the module using a with(modulename) command.

Please advise.

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