Question: Applying inverse Laplace and Fourier transforms

I have written a bit of code which solves a linear system for some quantities which have been Laplace and then Fourier transformed.  

e1 := -2*D*i*k*pi + A*s = 0

e2 := 2*A*i*k*pi + 2*C*i*k*pi + B*s = a

e3 := s*C + 4/5*P*w3*(2*pi*i*k*D - 2*1/3*pi*i*k*D)/w2 = -2*(C + 2*K*(2*pi*i*k*B - 2*1/3*pi*i*k*B))/(w2*K)

e4 := s*D + 2*5/4*P*t4*pi*i*k*C/(t2*K) = -5/(2*P)*D/(t2*K)

sys := {s*C + 4/5*P*w3*(2*pi*i*k*D - 2*1/3*pi*i*k*D)/w2 = -2*(C + 2*K*(2*pi*i*k*B - 2*1/3*pi*i*k*B))/(w2*K), s*D + 2*5/4*P*t4*pi*i*k*C/(t2*K) = -5/(2*P)*D/(t2*K), -2*D*i*k*pi + A*s = 0, 2*A*i*k*pi + 2*C*i*k*pi + B*s = a}

solve(sys, [A, B, C, D])

I get at the end some fractions where everything in the fractions is a constant with some physical meaning except for k which is the only frequency as I am working in one dimension so just need one-dimensional Fourier and Laplace transforms.  s is the corresponding variable from the Laplace transform. 

I was wondering if Maple had some functionality which would enable me to inverse Laplace and then inverse Fourier transform these quantities A, B, C and D from the linear system such that I obtain an algebraic expression at the end and not a numerical result.

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