Question: How can I save a Record?

I have a relatively involved modeling application that tracks  a particle beam through a beam line for multiple passes. The beam is described by a Maple Record with a number of different entries; one of them being a table with a 6-vector of numbers for each particle in the beam.

Each pass this beam gets updated. I would like to be able to save the whole record into a filel (i.e. append the file each pass) and then be able to read it back in; regenerating the Record structures. Is this possible?

(I'd normally upload a mwe; except this code uses a large package that would have to be installed. This is something I do not consider reasonable to ask for.)

If there is an explicit answer like: call this function, give it your Record and it should work; and call this reading function to recreate the Record, that would be swell. Or maybe some pointers in the right direction...Maple has so many read, write, save and restore functions that a systematic test is daunting.


Mac Dude

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