Question: How good is Maple for solving a large number of nonlinear simultaneous algebraic equations


I need to numerically solve a set of about 95 simultaneous algebraic transcendental equations, with each having about 25 terms that are expressions of three independent variables and other parameters of the problem (some 2500 total terms).  I've had much difficulty solving this set on Engineering Equations Solver (EES, from fchart software), and I'm now suspecting bugs in that program.

I'm not able to find a spec sheet or user's manual that explains Maple's capabilities.  I haven't found a place to read about such things as, "maximum number of algebraic equations," or "maximum number of characters in an equation", or other kinds of guides that would give me a direct indication on the software's capabilities.

Is there a stand-alone desk top version than can crunch numbers without resource to the cloud?

Can anyone please direct me to a complete manual for the user explaining such details?  



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