Question: How can I customly program operations that are not available in code generation target language?

If a maple command or function are not available on the target language  of the code generation of maple, is it possible to set myself the expected output for such cases so that the Csharp(...)  recognizes the cases and generates the expect code?

for example 

h := proc(x::Array(1 .. 3, 1 .. 3), y::Array(1 .. 3, 1 .. 3)) local z; z := evalm(x &* y); return z[1, 1] + z[2, 2]; end proc;

The function names {`&*`, evalm} can not be recognized in the target language

but for the &* it shoud be easy to add a template with the desired C# output. 

Is it possible to add templates in existing languages but not new language definitions?


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