Question: Dot product of a free vector in cartesian and rooted vector in spherical coord.

When I create a rooted vector 


and a free vector


and dot product them


it gives me 2.

But if I change v1 to 


the product of v1.v2 gives me an error

"..cannot combine two rooted vectors with different points of origin"

Can anyone explain me the problem? 

Here is what I understand: 

In spherical coordinates the unit vector e_r, e_th, e_ph are functions of theta and phi. So when I call root=[1,Pi/4,0] that means r=1, theta=Pi/4 and phi=0. This uniquely defines the unit vectors in spherical coordinates and r places the vector away in the e_r direction. The [0,0,1] then attaches a vector to the point r=1, theta=Pi/4 and phi=0  with only 1 unit along the e_ph direction.

What I don't understand is the concept of origin with the free vector and the rooted vector. How changing the theta from Pi/4 to Pi/6 makes the origin "different"? 

Edit: This is part of the VectorCalculus pacakge.

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