Question: How to factorize/separate/rearrange equation?


I am working on a project and really need help from you guys how to rearrange/factorize an equation. So I got a form of expression as shown below, where

W__1 + W__2 = -sin(-beta + alpha)*((H^2 - h^2)*gamma + h^2*psi)/(2*sin(beta)*sin(alpha))


How can I rearrange it into a similar form of

W__1 + W__2 = -H^2*sin(-beta + alpha)*((1 - h^2/H^2)*gamma + h^2*psi/H^2)/(2*sin(beta)*sin(alpha))


where I just bring out value of H^2? I realize it's very simple to do by hand but I just need to learn how to handle Maple for my work.

Really hope anyone can help me. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.


Kind regards

Faiz Farhan



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