Question: variable substitutions

I have Maple solve a system of equations.  I then want to assign the result to the different variables for use later in the worksheet.  How do I do this?


{C1 = .6666666670*Ceq, C2 = 2.000000002*Ceq, L1 = 0.1377592863e-15/Ceq, R1 = 0.8802817643e-8/Ceq}


c1 := sol3[1]

C1 = .6666666670*Ceq


l1 := sol3[2]

C2 = 2.000000002*Ceq


r1 := sol3[3]

L1 = 0.1377592863e-15/Ceq


Solutions, C2=10pf

Ceqsol := 20*e-12



C1sol := subs(Ceq = Ceqsol, c1)

C1 = 13.33333334*e-8.000000004




First, all I want to do is assign the solution value for C1 to C1.  Not being able to do this, I try to assign C1 to "different" variable c1, but the assignment is C1~=.66667* Ceq, instead of just the value of C1.  Later, I then try to substitute the value of Ceq, to get the solution for c1, and instead of just getting the value, I get  that C1= 13.33x10^-8 is assigned to C1sol, again instead of just the value, 13.33x10^-8.  How do I just assign the values to these variables instead of the expressions?


Thank you.


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