Question: Explore re-evaluates with variables from end of worksheet

Hello Maple friends,

I use Explore() often and noticed something today which seems like either a bug or an error on my usage.

I have a long worksheet where I use Explore at one point to show the behavior of an expression relative to one parameter assigned to a slider. Later in the sheet however, I re-assign some of the variables used in that expression and I call Explore again to see how the expression behaves with the different parameters.

The issue is that when I move the slider on the first explore, the result is incorrect because it seems to be using the values of the variables at the end of the worksheet, not the variables at the point the Explore statement exists.

I would expect Explore to make a copy of the stack at the point it gets called such that the result is correct in the context of its location in the worksheet.

Is this the correct behavior and is there a way to make this work as expected? The only workaround I have in mind is to rename the variable names just to make Explore work, which doesn't seem like a great solution.


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