Question: PDF export of color-bar using densityplot

I was trying to use the idea explained in this post (), using `densityplot` to create a barplot. But there are several difficultes specially using new Maple that has problem with exporting plots in pdf format the same as displayed inside Maple.

The example code:

zmin := 0;
zmax := 1;
verthuebar := plots:-densityplot(z, dummy = 0 .. 1, z = zmin .. zmax, grid = [2, 10], style = patchnogrid, size = [90, 260], colorscheme = [ColorTools[Color]([0, 0, 1]), ColorTools[Color]([1, 0, 0])], style = surface, axes = frame, labels = [``, ``], axis[1] = [tickmarks = []], axis[2] = [tickmarks = [aList[1] = "0   ", 0.5 = typeset(alpha*` `), 1 = "1    "]]);


1- When I export the bar-plot as `.eps`, it shows white lines as a grid, while I don't want it and it is not the same way it is displayed at Maple! 


I tried adding `gridlines=false` and other similar things, but had no effect. I changed `10` to `3` in `grid = [2, 10]`, but it increases the distance of 0 and 1 from the borderies and therefore wrong numbers will be read from the color bar. Exporting the picture as `.pdf` doesn't have that gridlines problem, but destroys the proportions of the image, so I want to stick on the `.eps` one, but without those white lines.

2- How can I have 0 and 1 exactly on the start and end of the color bar and with no distance from the edges? I can use `view=[0..1,0..1]` at the end of the above code, but depending on the number in the `grid=[2,n]` that I choose, the colors may not start and end exactly at the specified colors.

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