Question: Two vectors in spherical coordinates


I would like to define two vectors in spherical coordinates (preferably using Physics[Vectors] package) such that these two vectors have the magnitudes of r1 and r2, resepctively, but pointing in different directions.

In Physics[Vectors] package, basis vectors _r,_theta,_phi are predefined. So, I cannot define the vectors as r1_:=r1*_r1 and r2_:=r2*_r2 and use all the cool features of physics package.

I will eventually be needing the norm of the difference of these vectors at a later calculation, but this representation turned out to be a problem.

I am avoiding to define these vectors  in cartesian basis with spherical coordinates such as r1_=r1*(sin(theta1)*cos(phi1) i + sin(theta1)*sin(phi1) j + cos(theta1) k), etc. which is a work around. 

How can I do this in Maple?

Thank you.




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