Question: Bug or Compatible issue in Maple, please help

So I recently bought a new desktop with Windows 10 installed. The problem is hard to describe so I put a picture. This problem occurs randomly (Mostly occurs after I click the right button, when browsing the option in the pop-up toolbar).

When this problem happens, if I move my mouse to any toolbar which suppose to pop-up a toolbar, the pop-up toolbar wont disspear. And ultmately leads to the picture I showned above.

Sorry for the bad explaintion but it is just like I said, it is hard to describe the problem. This PC arrives around Christmas and I downloaded Maple last week. And it never have been normal. This issue also happens to NetLogo (A model simulation software).

I asked DELL's technique services and they did a remote control to help me fix the issue. However, the problem doesn't solved (They worked on this for about 3 hours). It seems the only choice I have is to reinstall the Windows. 

Does anyone have met this problem or know who met it before? Please let me know and I'm really appreciate it.



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