Question: Issue with the calculation of (Moore-Penrose) pseudoinverse

Dear MaplePrimes community,

I'm trying to calculate the (Moore-Penrose) pseudoinverse of a matrix using the following code:

Identity := Matrix(2, 2, [[1, 0], [0, 1]]):
A := Matrix(2, 2, [[0.5661180126, 0.4338819876], [0.8316071431, 0.1683928571]]):
MatrixInverse(Identity - A, method = pseudo)

Unfortunately, the output appears to be meaningless (and it conincides with what I'm getting by calculating a simple matrix inverse using "MatrixInverse(Identity - A)"). Am I missing something? (And how do I calculate the (Moore-Penrose) pseudoinverse of the matrix (Identity-A)?)

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