Question: How can we set a color in matrixplot?

I'm adjusting a Maple 2015 code for it works correctly in Maple 2020.
A being some matrix, this command executed in Maple 2015 returns a plot with the desired color.

matrixplot(A, heights=histogram, color="X11 Thistle1")

When executed in Maple 2020 the color of the bars is desperatly black.
Note that syntaxes like color=red or color=ColorTools:-Color([1, 0, 0]), despite what seems to be said in the matrixplot help page (wherein the reference to plot:-color help page) keep returning a black plot.
The only thing I'm able to do to turn the plot to red is this

F := (x, y) -> 1:
matrixplot(A, heights=histogram, color=F)

How can I obtain a plot with the color I want?

PS: maybe I'm not very astute, but it looks like the help pages are not very explicit on this point.

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