Question: Oversight: keyword name in LinearAlgebra:-Generic

The following example (from help, direct call, without with) does not work.

(Q[`0`],Q[`1`],Q[`+`],Q[`-`],Q[`*`],Q[`/`],Q[`=`]) := (0,1,`+`,`-`,`*`,`/`,`=`):
A := Matrix([[2,1,4,6],[3,2,1,7],[0,0,5,1],[0,0,3,8]]):
LinearAlgebra:-Generic:-Determinant[Q](A, ':-method' = ':-BerkowitzAlgorithm');

==> error, (in hasoption)

We must use:

LinearAlgebra:-Generic:-Determinant[Q](A, method=LinearAlgebra:-Generic:-BerkowitzAlgorithm); # 37

which I suppose is not intended!
That's because the keyword name in the code appears as 'BerkowitzAlgorithm' instead of ':-BerkowitzAlgorithm'
(The problem occurs because there is an export LinearAlgebra:-Generic:-BerkowitzAlgorithm). 

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