Question: Brand new to Maple and looking for some help

Hello all,

I am very new to Maple but it looks like a wonderful symbolic computing tool.  I am hoping to gain some familiarity with it and one of my first questions is this:  I have identified a nice formula refered to as a modified inverse gamma function.  This is a "peak function" with a couple nice features.  Firstly, it can describe both positively and negatively skewed distributions, and secondly its mode and amplitude are easily recognized as (X0,Ym).  I have entered it into a Maple 2019 notebook as so:

Y = Ym*(c/((d + 1)*(X - X__0) + c))^(d + 1)*exp((X - X__0)*(d + 1)^2/((d + 1)*(X - X__0) + c))

What I would like to do is calculate the positions, X, of the two points where it is half-maximal.  That is, where Y=1/2Ym.  I would like to assume that all numbers are real, etc.  I should point out that in the real world, I will have optimized the values of Ym, X0, c and d by first fitting to actual data, so this may helpfully constrain the problem.

Can someone explain how I might go about this?  If you assume I know nothing, I will not be offended.

Thank you!

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