Question: SmithForm for 4th order equation Transfer Function

As part of my course work I've encountered a block wherein I need to convert a 4th order TF to a SmithForm but am unable to do so.

Can anyone help me with the code as attatched.

A := Matrix([[(.3384*x^3-26.13*x^2-.3659*x+0.1678e-1)/(s^4+3.068*s^3-3.362*s^2-.5748*s+.7598), (.4755*s^3-25.3*s^2-51.36*s-1.387)/(s^4+3.068*s^3-3.362*s^2-.5748*s+.7598)], [(-.3349*s^3+18.21*s^2+.3487*s-0.5939e-1)/(s^4+3.068*s^3-3.362*s^2-.5748*s+.7598), (-.3107*s^3+17.81*s^2+35.49*s+1.027)/(s^4+3.068*s^3-3.362*s^2-.5748*s+.7598)]])

Matrix(%id = 36893488152131246308)



Error, (in gcdex) invalid arguments



SmithForm(Matrix(%id = 36893488152131266788))``




S := SmithForm(A, s)

Error, (in gcdex) invalid arguments


with(LinearAlgebra); A := Matrix([[1, 2*x, 2*x^2+2*x], [1, 6*x, 6*x^2+6*x], [1, 3, x]])

Matrix(%id = 36893488152361731844)


S := SmithForm(A, x)

Matrix(%id = 36893488152348668020)




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