Question: How can I point out the coordinates of intercepts in my groups of two plots?
How you can see, in the following exercise I built five plots, every one with the graph of two functions. The exersise say that I must find coordinates of any intersection. I think I can do it with solve command. However, I want point out coordinates of  intersections inside the plots. Probably exists a command or a parameter to success with my objetive. How can I do it?


*** e2.103


Plot the following couples of formulae; note in particular the contrasting forms of two curves in each case, and find the coordinates of any intersections.

i)    {x, x^3},

ii)    {x^2, x^4},

iii)    {1/x, 1/x^2},

 iv)   {x^2, sqrt(x)},

 v)   {x^3, abs(x^(1/3))}




Thank you for helping me;
Lic. Marcus Vinicio Mora Salas;
Postgraduate student at University of Costa Rica;


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