Question: How to make one ohm by using one-ohm resistors while each resistor must flow different current?

Electric circuit problem.
How to solve this four resistors circuit by Syrup? ... EDIT; This is not my electric circuit problem. My exercise how to use Maple. Below is the problem.

This electric circuit problem is very hard to solve. Maple or other math program must need to solve.

How to make one ohm by using one-ohm resistors while each resistor must flow different current.

Using 1 A current source, node 1 shows 1 V.

The electric circuit below shows 1 ohm, however, the current of each resistor is same.

So, this is not the answer.


restart; with(Syrup); ckt := [-Iin(1), `&//`(R1(1), R2(1)), `&//`(R3(1), R4(1))]; Draw(ckt)




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