Question: Approximating Riemann Sums Numerically

Hello, we need to do an integral based on two numerically approximated functions given by a second degree coupled differential equation.

The integral:
Where xs and xu are functions of the variable t.

We wish to do a half-sums to approximate the integral, that is:

Define an N = number of points, such that we get a delta_x = L/N.

We then wish to get two vectors x_s = [x_s(0),x_s(1),...,x_s(N)] and x_u = [x_u(0),x_u(1),...,x_u(N)] by running some kind of for loop over our approximation procedure.

Is there any function for this already inside of Maple? We need to approximate the integral using Riemann sums and no other method.

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