Question: Lie Symmetries of ODE-Systems for a given form of the Generator

Hi everyone,

I'm new to using Maple and I've got a question concerning the calculation of the Lie Symmetries of an ODE. Basically, I want to us the method described in this paper: in order to find a perturbative solution to a system of first oder ODE's.

I thus need a special form of the generator. However I can't quite figure out the notation from the examples provided in the maple helt. I also can't figure out why I can't calculate the general form of the Symmetries using the following code: 

Imp := 2*diff(y(x), x)*y(x)/A(x) - diff(y(x), x) - diff(A(x), x)*(y(x)/A(x))^2 - C_p*diff(A(x), x) - eta(x)*lambda(x)*sqrt(A(x)*pi)/4*(y(x)/A(x) - 1)^2 = 0;
Conti := diff(y(x), x) - 2*sqrt(A(x)*pi)*beta(x)*(1 - H + C/A(x)) = 0
Cons := diff(eta(x), x) = 0

sys := {Cons, Conti, Imp};
DepVars = {A(x), eta(x), y(x)};
deteqs := DeterminingPDE(sys);

Help or a link to some more examples would be much appreciated. 



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