Question: Analyzing large instance problem using LPSolve package

As the LPsolve package returns the solution points in a list format, how we can analyze the list if we're having a large instance problem? By large instance, I mean that there are around 1500+ variables in the linear programming model. 

Also, I have attached the screenshot of the output in this thread. To perform further analysis, I want to fetch the value of the DQV, QF, and UQT variables. But since the list contains the values as an expression, for example DQV[0, 0, 0, 0] = 0. In such cases, I cannot perform mathematical operations for the solution points results.

Also, if I can delete the DQV[0,0,0,0] from the expression mentioned above, I'll end with the numeric values list, which can then be converted into an array and make things easier for me. But currently, I'm struggling to delete the DQV part of the expression in one go (manually deletion for each expression, it's very time consuming to delete for 1500 variables).

Please suggest to me some approach to deal with this issue.


I am thanking you.


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