Question: How do I put variables from a maple worksheet into a python script and the output from there back into the worksheet?

I'm not sure if this can even be done, but if it's possible, how do I do it:

I have a python script called "", the path should simply be "", since my worksheet and the python script are saved in the same place.

I want to somehow import two arrays and an equation from maple to said python script, use them in a procedure there, and then import the output of said procedure, a 2d array, backwards to maple.

I don't really care what format the equation and the arrays take in python (the current version assumes types "np.array" for the arrays and type procedure for the equation, but I can always adjust it), but the type of the output of should be of the form 2d Array (for example [[0,1],[8,-2],[3,3]] ).

Is it possible to shuffle input between maple worksheets and python scripts like that, and if so, how? 

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