Question: Does a ModuleLoad proc() run with the "with()" command ?

Derar All

I'm trying ot adapt some old Maple V code to a new Maple 2022 Module/Package and have an issue understanding if the "ModuleLoad" process does really run automatically with the "> with(TST); " command ?
the "> restart;" runs the ModuleUnload though, but for me the ModuleLoad does not seem to run when I expect it to !?



Any comment appreciated ?
the test code :


Tst := module()
  local ModuleLoad, ModuleUnload;
  export MyProc;
  global AAA;
  option package;
  ModuleLoad := proc()
      global AAA;
      AAA := 1;
      print("Hello Module");
  end proc;
  ModuleUnload := proc()
      print("Bye Module");
  end proc;
  MyProc := proc()
      print("Hello from Core");
  end proc;
end module ;

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