Question: Roots of a function complex

Hi, please how do I return the roots of a function in the form of I*y. The roots are [-.2381948477, -0.1434221912e-3, 0., 0.1434221912e-3, .2381948477] and I want to return them as [-.2381948477*I, -0.1434221912e-3*I, 0., 0.1434221912e-3*I, .2381948477*I]. I tried to use subs () function but couldn't work.


soln := Roots(y-0.4646295e-3*tanh(y)+0.1839145082e-2*tanh(y)/(0.6000000000e-3*y^2-0.1840000000e-2), y);

subs(soln, I*y);

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