Question: how to obtain this simplification in Maple

I want to solve for y in   exp(sqrt(y))= tanh(x) and get y=ln( tanh(x)^2).  But unable to figure what options or assumptions Maple needs.

For reference, here is Mathematica solution that I'd like to duplicate in Maple

Here is my Maple attempts, which uses same assumptions, but Maple solution converts the tanh(x) into exponentials which is much more complicated to look at. I tried to also simplify the answer to tanh(x) but no success so far.

Any ideas what else to try for solve? 

I know that PDEtools:-Solve does the job. Which is why I find this strange. I thought that both PDEtools:-Solve and solve end up using same core code at one point. May be I should switch all my code to use PDEtools:-Solve?  Should not solve here have given same answer as PDEtools:-Solve?

Maple 2022.1 on windows 10.


(exp(y))^(1/2) = tanh(x)

sol:=solve(eq,y) assuming y::real, x>0


simplify(sol)  assuming real, x>0;



sol:=PDEtools:-Solve(eq,y) assuming y::real, x>0

y = 2*ln(tanh(x))



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