Question: How to set the image size of DrawSubgroupLattice

lis := SearchSmallGroups('order' = 10 .. 100, 'soluble'): 
seq(DrawSubgroupLattice(SmallGroup(g), 'highlight' = CompositionSeries(SmallGroup(g))), g in lis[10 .. 20])

I want to see if these red nodes are present in each layer and connected at each level, so I need to detect a large number of images. But if I put them in the same row, these images will be very small and I have to zoom in one by one with the mouse to see them. How can I set the size of these images?

ps:I'm currently using my eyes to determine if these red nodes are present at each layer and connected at each level, and I'd be happy if there was code to do this

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