Question: Which types of Maple files is it advisable to commit to version control to be shared with others, and which aren't?

mpl files for sure are good for committing to a repository, especially if you are collaborating with someone in writing the code in those files. They can be opened in an editor and worked on just like in the normal course of working in other programming languages and collaborating.

Worksheets and Workbooks I would imagine are alright as well, right? In this case, they are meant to be opened in Maple of course, not in a code editor.

Now, what about mla files? I imagine that if someone obtained an .mla file I created (containing a package, say), and saved it in a path contained in their libname then they would have access to that package. Is this the standard way of sharing packages with others?

If I wrote a package and wanted to share it (via a Github repo, for instance, or simply by emailling) would it consist of a single .mla file?

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