Question: What is the recommended way to save results of big computations (like the result of a numerical differential equation solution) to use later on?

Let's say I am solving a system of differential equation numerically with dsolve. 

In psolve, I use the option output = Array(...), and I assign the result of the call to a variable p. Given my problem such calls can take a few minutes to run.

Later I use odeplot and pass in this variable p. In this workflow I am doing all this in a single worksheet.

Now, I'd like to run dsolve multiple times and save the results of calls to files so that I can plot them later (what I am actually doing is running some code using the Grid package, and I would like each parallel process to save the plot data).

It would actually be great if I could run this code as a batch file. I am not sure how to do this yet (I read about some command line mode that would be best for this). 

So my questions are

- What is the recommended way to save data to files for loading later on?

- Does the answer the the above question work in command-line mode?

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