Question: How to read a FORTRAN namelist file into Maple?

I have FORTRAN namelist files, that have the form like






In these files there are no blank lines as automatically put in above,

The goal is to read such files into Maple and have the same varNames created in Maple to be names/symbols with the values shown in the FORTRAN file assigned to those Maple names. In other words, Maple should then have

varName1 := 0.600:

varName2 := 123:

varName3 := 345.0:

This would enable the Maple to use these variables in the usual way to make calculations, etc.

I know how to read the FORTRAN files and get the varNames and values into two separate Maple tables, but I haven't found a way to then make the Maple assignments that are required. There must be a way to accomplish the goal.

Thank you for any suggestions.

      --- Mike

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